A Poem: Fire & Desire

Why can’t I be free? I’m a volcano ready to erupt. It frightens yet amazes me at the same time because I know through my trials that this power is mine, the power of my erotica, forged into the burrows of my deepest disappointments and most painful heartbreaks. Soul set ablaze. Lemonade like vinegar in salty wounds

Never kissed or cared for. but I must control it. I threaten to burn whatever I touch until I completely incinerate all that meant my demise. At times the flames whip about so violently they scorch someone I love. 3rd degree burns. Burns don’t heal easily.

As terrible as this fire can be, I want to wrap my legs around you until you are consumed. With honey from my lips your soul will hunger to taste all of me. the sugar drop scent of my breath on your neck and your favorite cognac, intoxicate us further. We’re lost and it feels other worldly. Children of the universe under the Creator’s banner. The stars and moon give just enough light to see the flicker of a flame now set behind your eyes. Reneeka Smith

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