A Poem: I Am Never Alone

Going through changes and transitions; it can be hell, maturation is not easy.  It’s not beautiful, there’s no vain glory and no, it’s not something to be desired.  So often we find ourselves at a crossroad; should I do this or should I not? Should I proceed can I withstand the consequences because in this life, there are always consequences. If I don’t go this way, will it make me a better person? Will it add value to my bankruptcy? That deepest void in my soul?

One never knows and the moments when we feel we do know, we are always surprised, one way or another. What I’m learning is, only a real person, a person who is truly down for you; someone who understands that real love is loving you through your moments of transition. Loving the good and accepting the challenge of the bad. No matter what I face, he has never flinched. Never looked at me sideways; never asked “again”? He chose to love me, through it all. I draw strength from him because I realize that it is through him, that my Creator loves me. Reneeka Smith