A Poem: In Remembrance of Marie Trahan: The Legacy

“The more I shifted my scattered thoughts in her favor, the urge to pay homage to such a strong matriarch began to overwhelm me.”

Coming up on the anniversary of my grandmother giving back her energy from whence it came; our beloved Marie Trahan; has been on my conscience.

In the very early morning hours a few days ago; as I tried to get a handle on my own internal struggles; her memories started to bloom. More vibrantly; more intense. The more I shifted my scattered thoughts in her favor, the urge to pay homage to such a strong matriarch began to overwhelm me.

Only recently I learned a scholarship fund was created in her honor in partnership with her long time employer of 25 years Susman Godfrey; administered by the foundation of the Dallas-based J.L. Turner Legal Association; – The Marie Trahan/Susman Godfrey Scholarship.

The law firm of Susman Godfrey L.L.P. has endowed a new scholarship
that will be awarded each year to an African-American law student who is a
resident of Texas. The scholarship can be used at any accredited law school
in the country.

Suffice to say, salty tears was the ink of choice for the poem below.

I still miss that gal…

What is a legacy
If it only lives
At the bottom of the sea?

Forgotten about
Passing with the deceased?

This legacy
In honor of Marie

Shall be the inspiration
For you and me

Plant these seeds
Far and wide

As we do our best
To help them shine



A Poem: The Outcast

My rituals are misunderstood.
Harmony and peace are my brotherhood

I am an outcast
Lowest of the low;
Excluded from the lowest caste

My meditation is loud
Signals caught from miles around

My rituals are misunderstood
Harmony and peace are my brotherhood

The powers that be
With their infinite energy

Bestowed upon us
Many gifts of plenty

To be extinguished
Will be a travesty

Under the hypocritical boot
Of society


Just Another Day

A Poem: The Road Often Traveled

“My heart’s rhythm searches for consistency.”

A Poem: The Road Often Traveled

My soul is tired; my bones, weary. My heart’s rhythm searches for consistency. My breath is shallower than the morning dew. My thoughts flutter about with great insignificance; accompanied by a brief, agonizing existence.


A Poem: Internal Tears

The Daily Post: #Solitude

Cool breeze in the air,
soft wind blows my hair.
Naked toes pressed against the sand;
Brings memories of my motherland.

I close my eyes and contemplate
Cleanse my body of anger and hate
I ask that nature should wash away
my pain and sorrow to keep at bay.